Workshops + Webinars


  • Orientation to Human Performance Technology for HR Professionals

    This 1-day workshop provides an overview of Human Performance Technology (HPT) as a strategic methodology by which HR can optimize employee contribution to drive business results. This experiential workshop provides a baseline understanding of HPT's core Principles and Practices.

  • Leveraging Human Capital through Strategic Human Performance Systems

    A 4-hour introductory workshop enabling the executive, manager and supervisor to  optimize their invested in human capital. Attendees will be able to explain: a Strategic Human Performance Systems (SHPS), utilize our SHPS: the Human Performance Framework, and explain how to leverage the Human Performance Framework across work place dimensions: Operational, Social, and Chaotic.

  • Developing a Performance Proposition

    This 8-hour workshop applies the science of developing a value proposition to a strategy for improving performance.  Executives, managers and supervisors will be enabled to identify key process tasks and subordinate steps aimed at identifying workplace barriers to better performance, choose a targeted solution, determine organization readiness for the solution, then gain organization support.

  • Where People Meet Processes

    This 90-minute webinar or in-house presentation enables attendees to recognize that a bad performance system will defeat a good worker (over time).  Attendees will recognize that, as people managers, they are responsible for the performance system in which the employee contributes. System components are discussed along with strategies for populating and sustaining the system.

  • Managing Workplace Complexity and Performance Uncertainty

    This 90-minute presentation (remote webinar or live delivery) enables executives, managers and supervisors to identify and eliminate obstacles in the performance system that hinder the contribution of the system's employees.

  • DPKSARE: Sustainable Collaboration

    This 90-minute presentation (remote webinar or live delivery) enables executives, managers and supervisors to see collaboration as the intersection between two performance systems.  Attendees will learn to manage the resource requirements of one performance system to define the deliverable of a contributing system…allowing for more effective and collaborative conversations.

  • Protecting Performance from Chaos

    This 90-minute presentation discusses how to protect organization performance from moving beyond the creative, innovative edge of chaos to a place where performance decreases dramatically.  By integrating and acknowledging the realities and influences that impact a dynamic workplace, an organization must recognize that performance occurs within three organizational dimensions: Operational, Collaborative and Chaotic and must consider the constraints upon the performance dictated by each.  We examine how to apply compensating factors to achieve the desired performance.

  • Should HPT be the Strategic Methodology for HR Management?

    This 90-minute presentation leads a deep conversation of how a Human Resource department can be more directly involved, influential and integrated into the development and execution of organizational strategies.  We examine the role that a deliverable-driven methodology can play in helping HR executives bring to their internal clients.