• The Importance of Learning in Organizations

    By Harvard Professors Davin Garvin and Amy Edmonson. A 10-minute clip discusses how the rate of learning and adapting may be the only true competitive advantage and implementing a learning organization through the manager level rather that through the "C" level.

  • What does a successful HR transformation look like?

    By Professor Dave Ulrich of the University of Michigan School of Business. A 5-minute discussion during which Profess Ulrich reinforces that, to achieve a successful transformation, its not about implementing best practices but implementing best systems.

  • Did you know?

    A provocative 5-minute look at the impacts the changing world is having upon organizations and why learning and performance management are the key to fulfilling the HR agility requirements an organization must have to remain competitive.

  • The Organizational Creative Process

    By Peter Senge, Center for Organizational Learn, MIT's Sloan School of Management.  A 3-minute snippet on the difference between creativity Vs. problem solving methods in the workplace. Peter argues that both are necessary; problem solving is meant for today's need Vs creativity solving the higher concept issues with long-term results.

  • The Dynamics of Fear and Change

    In this 4-minute discussion held with the Stanford University School of Business, former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorna argues that organizational change (including improvement) is difficult due to the inherent quest by all employees to preserve the status quo.

  • The Leader Today Vs. the Leader Tomorrow

    This 10-minute discussion presented by Marshall Goldman, author of the 'Ask the Coach' blog for the Harvard School of Business. He looks at the role and attributes of the leader today and those required by a leader of the future. After conducting a global survey, he shares five new attributes that future leaders must possess.