• The Handbook of Human Performance Technology

    The Handbook of Human Performance Technology, edited by Jim Pershing and published in collaboration with the International Society for Performance Improvement is a collection of essays and articles by the key experts in today's field of employee performance and instructional design.

    Highly recommended by JB2D Performance.

  • The Performance Consultant’s Fieldbook

    By Judith Hale, CPT.  The Performance Consultant's Fieldbook will help trainers, training managers, and internal and external consultants working in partnership with clients to identify barriers to performance, explore a suite of solutions, and work collaboratively to get new procedures, technology, behaviors, and ideas adopted. Step-by-step, the book details the techniques you need to conduct performance interventions and offers a customizable collection of worksheets, flowcharts, planning guides, and job aids.


    Highly recommended by JB2D Performance.

  • White Space Revisited

    By Geary Rummler, et al.  White Space Revisited is a comprehensive resource that offers process and performance professionals a conceptual foundation, a thorough and proven methodology, a set of remarkable working tools for doing process work in a more significant way, and a series of candid observations about the practice of Business Process Management (BPM). The book's time-tested methods, models, tools, and guidelines serve to align people, process, and technology.

    Highly recommended by JB2D Performance Inc.

  • Aligning Performance: Improving People, Systems and Organizations

    By Danny Langdon.  Bridging the gap between developers and users, this book presents a common performance framework that accurately demonstrates what performance is. Once you understand the underlying concepts, you'll be able to find answers to the problems that prevent your organization from achieving efficient and effective performance at the individual, work group, process, and entire business unit level.

    Highly recommended by JB2D Performance Inc.

  • The Guidebook for Performance Improvement

    Edited by Roger Kaufman and Sivasailam Thiagarajan.  A collection of articles and essays by leading practitioners in the field of human performance in the workplace.  Describes as the only practical guide to performance improvement that regards customer satisfaction as the ultimate goal! This book combines all the current improvement approaches into one comprehensive, holistic approach that can be successfully applied to individuals and organizations alike.

    Highly recommended by JB3D Performance.

  • Handbook of Improving Performance in the Workplace

    By Kenneth Silber and Rob Forshay.  This volume is useful to students and practitioners at all levels; it is grounded in the most current research and theory. It addresses timely topics such as cognitive task analysis, instructional strategies based on cognitive research, data collection methods, games, higher-order problem-solving and expertise, psychomotor learning, project management, partnering with clients, and managing a training function.

    Highly recommended by JB2D Performance Inc