Optimization Strategies

Establishing Optimization Goals

We work with clients to develop deliverable-oriented performance expectations, assess the current workforce against those expectations, then develop a strategic human performance system to push 90% of the job classification (if not all) to first meet expectations, then reach the client's definition of optimized performance, then reach a mutual aspiration point of performance with its accompanying high level of perceived value.  [Tell me more]

The DPKSARE approach to Performance Optimization

We utilize our Strategic Human Performance System (SHPS) framework (shown below) to provide CEOs, Chief HR Officers and line managers with a clear and accessible approach to ensuring that employee contribution is optimized.

Driven by your market deliverables, the DPKSARE framework captures and organizes key component data which are compared against requirements, allowing for the identification of gaps which will be closed as we develop targeted solutions.  The DPKSARE approach includes these components:


Deliverable: We help our clients clearly define the key deliverables for the job classification(s) where the performance issue is occurring. No performance improving actions can occur without a clearly defined job deliverable.  We have found that managers have the greatest difficulty here which shows itself in poor hires, poorly constructed performance reviews, and ineffective training solutions. [Tell me more!]


Processes: We help our clients revise or rewrite the processes needed to convert the organizational resources into finished goods and services.  When requested, we have assisted re-processing efforts by helping the team consider the impact of the new process upon the entire performance system, identify the new gaps, and develop strategies to close the gaps and ensure a successful implementation of the new process. [Tell me more!]


Knowledge, Skills and Attributes:  We help clients connect the knowledge requirements to the developed processes and articulated deliverables. This ensures that the training solutions - and even hiring specs - include only need-to-know knowledge requirements. The result is more effective training and recruiting efforts. [Tell me more!]


Effort:  We help clients identify and implement consequence mechanisms to encourage or discourage efforts by the work place.  Effort is contribution by the individual to execute the processes, apply their knowledge, skills and attributes, and utilize resources to create the finished goods or services (Deliverable). We develop solutions aimed at sustaining effort long term or boosting effort only within a short-term need.  [Tell me more]