HR Consulting

We, uniquely, develop targeted human resource solutions across the tri-dimensional workplace: operational, collaborative and chaotic.  All consulting activities link directly to issues that are impacting the organization's current or future deliverables. We develop only need-to-have solutions and never on nice-to-do activities.

Deliverable-Oriented Job Descriptions (DOJD)

Working with client SMEs, managers, and role owners, we develop deliverable-oriented job descriptions, profiles of excellence and hiring guides. By deliverable-oriented, the articulation focuses first on the results (deliverable) of the job being performed, then process, required knowledge and skills, resources required to perform the job, and lastly, effort requirements. We include workplace collaboration requirements and recommend monitoring activities for influences that may exist within the chaotic dimension.

A DODJ is different than commonly found job descriptions in that they are driven by the job's deliverables rather than processes and that they tend to be specific rather than broad and vague. The DODJ is utilized as the basis for deliverable-oriented performance reviews. [Tell me more]

Performance Metrics

Working with client SMEs, managers and role owners, we develop performance metrics to be located in the DODJ and utilized for either deliverable-oriented performance reviews or team-oriented performance reviews.

We, uniquely, develop three levels of metrics concurrently: one for a junior level, a mastery level, and an expert level.  Utilizing the DPKSARE framework, we guide the organization to define deliverables by complexity and impact to ensure the appropriate distribute of deliverables across skill sets.

Deliverable-Oriented Performance Reviews (DOPR)

We develop customized deliverable-oriented performance reviews utilizing the completed DODJ and performance metrics.

Although our DOPR will provide the substantiation needed for a legally-safer termination, the primary purpose of our DOPR is to deliver an individual development plan targeting gaps that may prevent the deliverable from being met. [Tell me more]

Team-Oriented Performance Reviews (TOPR)

We encourage, and develop, team-oriented performance reviews. A deliverable results from the coming together of required processes, knowledge and skills, resources and effort (DPKSARE). If any one piece is missing or short, the deliverable will not be met. To blame an individual employee for a missed deliverable, is being narrow in vision.

Our DPKSARE approach recognizes that a deliverable results from an effective and protected performance system. Our TOPR is reviews the system through an approach of continuous improvement, including improvement of individual employee contribution. [Tell me more]

Talent Acquisition

Working with client SMEs, managers and role owners, and utilizing the DOJD and Performance Metrics, we develop the required knowledge, skills and attributes needed to populate the hiring guide.

We view the process of talent acquisition to be a make/buy decision requiring either training (Make) or recruiting (buy).  A completed DOJD and performance metrics will aid in making the Make/Buy decision and help ensure a targeted acquisition of talent. [Tell me more]


While we do not engage in recruiting activities, we have associate relationships with recruiting firms who utilize our DOJDs and embrace the DPKSARE approach.

For recruiting efforts, we work with both clients and recruiting firms to ensure articulation for specific requirements and better selections.  Included in our effort is to identify contingent actions to close any gaps that may result from bringing an incomplete individual into the performance system. Recommendations may include targeted development plans, changes to deliverables, reprocessing the system, and so on.   [Tell me more]

Individual Development Plans (IDP)

We work with client SMEs, managers and role owners to develop role-oriented IDPs which can be customized to the specific needs of the individual contributor.  We develop role-oriented assessments which demonstrate the individual's level of knowledge and skills against those required to produce the deliverable, as specifically articulated in the DOJD.

Because we include in the DOJD three levels of role expertise, we have simplified the development of IDPs that aim the employee from a lower level to a higher level, providing employees with a deliverable-oriented career path.   [Tell me more]

Workforce Planning

We develop a DPKSARE approach to workforce planning. The dots we connect, when working with a client, are individual, group, and market deliverables.

Our workforce planning approach works primarily in the operational and collaborative dimensions of the organization.  We recognize that all deliverables are derivatives of marketplace products and services and the organization must ensure a line-of-sight between the lowest individual deliverable and the higher product or service. By also working in the collaborative dimension, we help ensure that one performance system's resource requirements are fully met by the deliverable of another performance system.   [Tell me more]

Training and Development

Please refer to our Instructional Design page.   [Tell me more]