We conduct one on one or one to many, in person or remote, coaching on the implementation and continuous improvement of the DPKSARE approach to managing people.   [Tell me more]

Coaching on Deliverables

We work with executives, managers and supervisors to articulate clearly the key deliverables of the performance system. We help the client think through metrics of timeliness, cost, quality and quantify for each deliverable.

We also coach a manager to take action on the impacts of deliverable clarity by reviewing and revising the requirements of the remaining system components including new process changes, different knowledge requirements, re-articulated resource requirements and new effort requirements.  [Tell me more]

Coaching on Processes

We work with executives, managers and supervisors through reprocessing efforts, including requirements, sequencing of solutions, testing, implementation strategies and the resulting impact up the remaining contributing components.

We also help the client separate issues with employee performance from process issues so that a targeted solution - aim at solving the real problem - can be developed and implemented.  [Tell me more]

Coaching on Knowledge, Skills and Attributes

We coach executives, managers and supervisors to analyze the system to indentify individual and organizational knowledge needs in the context of current and future deliverables.

We do not assume that the basis for performance shortcomings is a lack of knowledge. We coach the client to find the true and complete cause of the performance shortcoming and to look at training as just one alternative among a field of actions.  [Tell me more]


Resources lie in the cross-hairs of collaboration.

We coach executives, managers and supervisors to recognize how their resource requirements interact with the definitions of deliverables for subordinate (contributing) performance systems, how to manage an internal/external relationship with resource suppliers, and how to make the necessary adjustments to other system components if the resource as described is unavailable.  [Tell me more]


We coach executives, managers and supervisors on the development of incentives and disincentives that can guide and create a work environment to ensure sustained execution within the system which results with the desired deliverable.

We have a bias against cash-based incentives and disincentives.  Instead, we target solutions specifically aimed at achieving the level of effort needed to produce the deliverable.  [Tell me more]