ABOUT The Team

[JB2D] Performance consultants bring experience from direct internal management positions and external consulting engagements with Global Fortune 500, high growth and start-up companies.  Industry experience includes high tech, retail, health care, hospitality, aerospace and others:


HR Management Positions

Consulting Engagements

Microsoft Corporation Boeing Commercial Air
Starbucks Coffee Company Microsoft Corporation
Esterline Technologies Labor Ready Worldwide
Washington State Convention Teledyne Continental
& Trade Center YWCA of Greater Seattle
Harper-Grace Hospitals Crown Zellerbach
Perry Drug Stores Ford Motor Company


Brian Desautels

Brian Desautels, CPT, respected for his thought leadership in the area of performance, is [JB2D] Performance's founder.  In addition to his national and international, internal and external consulting experience, he is a contributing author to human performance books and publications; has presented at numerous professional association conferences and instructed at the undergraduate and graduate level.  Brian has a MS in Human Resource Management.


Jane Brenneman

Jane Brenneman, SPHR,[JB2D] Performance President, has earned a reputation for providing strategic and practical HR business counsel to senior executives to guide both the development and optimization of organizational and individual performance.  She has presented at numerous professional association conferences.  Jane has a MA in Organizational Management.


Additional Associates

JB2D Performance Inc. has purposely developed additional associate relationships with experts within every sub-functional area of Human Resource Management, including legal, leadership development, compensation, talent acquisition and development, benefits and rewards, lean process improvement, and inclusion (diversity).


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Brian Desautels:  briandes@jb2dperformance.com

Jane Brenneman:  jbren@jb2dperformance.com

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